At Hall Associates Flying Effects, no production is too big or too small. Whether you need a simple lift or to fly dozens of artists for a grand event, we can support your production. We are one of a few companies whose primary business is performer rigging, and we are the masters of our craft.

Hall Associates Flying Effects has its roots in live theatrical productions, which represent the bulk of our business. If you are producing a play, musical, opera, dance, or pageant, including realistic flight will bring the story to your audience like never before. Peter Pan swooping over the heads of your audience or watching the Witch skywriting over Emerald City will add spectacle to your production.

We are also at home in houses of worship; Easter and Christmas are our busiest times of year. Our flying directors are experts at working with ministers and church volunteers and spend a great deal of their time flying characters from biblical dramas. Hall Associates Flying Effects is proud to work with Sight and Sound Theatres on their productions of The Miracle of Christmas in Branson, Missouri, as well as their production of Joseph in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In addition, we work with churches across the country, both large and small, on their seasonal celebrations.

Special requests for corporate events also fall into our area of expertise. We have worked with banks, pharmaceutical companies, hotel chains, and vehicle manufacturers to devise exciting aerial performances to compliment their events. Dream big, and then call Hall Associates Flying Effects to make those dreams a reality.

While live events are our forte, we have also supported films, videos, television and commercials. Our flying systems are incredibly versatile and are installed and struck quickly and easily, allowing the down time on the set to be as short as possible.

Indoors or outdoors, high ceiling or low ceiling, open beams or sealed roof, fast zippy flights or slow majestic flights, light loads or flying stages – no flying job is out of our range. Fly with certainty. Fly with Hall Associates Flying Effects.

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