Fixed Track System

Fixed Track System

Description – A tracked flying system uses a track to move the pendulum point along a straight line. The artist is raised and lowered with one operating system and moved along the track with another operating system. Each axis of the flight is independent of the other. Many of the physics of the fixed pendulum system apply to the tracked flying system, with the added bonus of being able to move the fixed point.

Operation – The artist will be given a line along the stage floor located directly under the track and should always be on when lifted. The artist can be lifted from any point on the line and placed at any point on the line. If the artist needs to land on a piece of scenery, the scenery must be located along that line. Under special circumstances, an artist can land on an object not located on the line, but each occurrence must be discussed with your flying director in advance. A flying track has two main uses: load placement and dynamic swings. When used for load placement, the artist is lifted directly under the trolley, the trolley is pulled along the track and the artist can hover or be lowered back to the stage at another point. When used for dynamic swings, the operator uses the trolley to swing an artist back and forth through the air over the stage and can “cancel” the swing to a hovering position at a predetermined location or land the artist on the stage in mid swing.

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