About Hall Associates

About Hall Associates

Hall Associates Flying Effects has supplied exceptional flying effects for the entertainment industry since 1991. From high schools to Broadway theatres, from Europe to Asia, from California to Maine, we provide whisper-quiet flying systems, which offer remarkable flexibility, the highest quality and unparalleled safety at a reasonable cost.

The primary principles of Safety, Innovation and Collaboration are at the core of our mission. Without safety, nothing else matters. Each of our unique flying systems has been crafted through original research, proven physics, established design factors, thorough testing and feedback from performers, directors and designers. Our systems are designed using the latest CAD software, cut by an industrial laser and shaped by a professional machine shop to achieve exacting tolerances during fabrication. In addition, our flying equipment is inspected and maintained after each production closes and is subject to a published regular inspection routine during longer runs. We are an ETCP recognized employer, many of our flying directors are ETCP certified riggers, and 2 of our flying directors are among only 29 ETCP recognized trainers in existence. Because we employ ETCP certified riggers, our staff has the experience and training necessary to ensure that your facility has the appropriate equipment to support a human flying apparatus.

Our system development specialists are constantly improving existing systems and developing unique new systems to meet the expanding demands of the entertainment industry. The DAT flying track system is unique to performer flying. Eight simple components can be configured in over thirty different combinations to provide an extremely diverse range of flying effects solutions. From a mechanical advantage as high as 8:1 for a heavy lift to a mechanical disadvantage of as low as 1:2 for super fast flights, the DAT flying system can provide the precise flying effect for your unique application. Certain configurations of the system also allow for shift-on-the-fly operation. In the standard Peter Pan arrangement, for example, the operator can shift almost seamlessly from a 2:1 or 3:2 MA for Peter’s sustained flights to a 1:1 MA for quick hops to a 1:2 MA for lightning-fast movements during the sword fight with Hook. Some of our more recent accomplishments include a system for lifting 16 performers on one point for a cultural celebration in Spain, a three-dimensional motorized flying system for a Christmas Production in Florida and an outdoor flying track with absolute positioning control for a theme park in Georgia that provided speeds of 20 feet per second for the artist. Our team of designers and craftsmen is ready to assist you with flying systems that are custom tailored for your venue or application.

The Hall Associates team is made up of classically trained theatre professionals who are exceptional riggers, not riggers who have learned certain shows. We know that a successful theatre project is greater than the sum of its parts. Our flying design and choreography should support the production, not eclipse it. As a result, we approach each project as a collaboration between artists, each with a tremendous amount to contribute.  We do our best to educate the members of the design and direction team so they can make informed decisions in their area of expertise. Hall Associates strives to be an enthusiastic and positive member of your artistic team.

Our company was formed through a strong commitment to education and research. After almost two decades of safely flying artists, our dedication to the study and execution of safe rigging practices and thorough training remains at the core of our business ethic. Our president, Tracy Nunnally, is a tenured professor who leads the Graduate Theatre Technology program at Northern Illinois University and is frequently called upon to present master classes at locations around the world. We are the only company to continually sponsor annual workshops on flying effects by the North American Association of Flying Effects Directors. In addition, we have held annual workshops in locations across the country. Current and prospective employees of each of the major flying companies, Cirque de Soleil and Disney have been among those in attendance. Whenever possible, our friendly and knowledgeable flying directors conduct workshops and speak to students at all levels about theatre technology, rigging and special effects.

Give us a try and you will see why we have such a high volume of repeat business. We are your solution for safe, economical and collaborative flying effects. Fly with professionals. Fly with Hall Associates Flying Effects.

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